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WIN A KEG OF BEER with Unicity Living

Unicity - WIN A KEG OF BEER with Unicity Living
24. September 2020
As part of the Rok jedna ZČU competition you can win 5 thermo mugs with 5 cards for 15 free breakfasts at the Kuri Stříbro Bakery, which is located in the Unicity Living. In addition, we have prepared a special prize for the winner – a keg of beer (15 l).

You can find out all the information and rules on our Facebook and Instagram page.

RENT FROM CZK 5,500 /month

Unicity - RENT FROM CZK 5,500 /month
June 1, 2020
We now offer fully furnished apartments for rent starting from CZK 5,500 per month per person. No additional fees, no complications. This offer is available from June 1, 2020 if the whole apartment (1+kk - one room apartment) is occupied by two persons. The price includes all fees and is final.

  • The price of CZK 5,500.00 per month per person applies for fully furnished apartments of the STANDARD type, which are equipped with a kitchenette (a double induction cooktop, fridge, oven, microwave oven), a separate bathroom and a hallway. In addition, bed linen, towels and all necessary utensils and cutlery are provided.
  • Optional surcharges on top of the basic rent:
  • 1. Balcony: + CZK 100.00 per month per person
    2. Terrace: + CZK 200.00 per month per person
    3. Large terrace: + CZK 350.00 per month per person
    4. Washing machine in the apartment: * + CZK 200.00 per month per person
    *Otherwise, it is possible to use common laundry facilities in the building.
    5. Dishwasher: + CZK 100.00 per month per person

    For more information, please contact us by phone on 800 226 223 or by e-mail using the contact form.

    Bistro Rosemary discount offer

    Unicity - Bistro Rosemary discount offer
    February 24, 2020
    Have you heard it already?! Rosemary Bistro situated in our Unicity Plzeň project has a special offer till 31. March 2020. Every aftrenoon you can buy wine or crêpes with 20 % discount. In order to get a discount, please use a secret password "Odpoledne v Rosemary“ when you order. Looking forward to see you there!

    Bakery opening

    Unicity - Bakery opening
    February 15, 2020
    Another shop that just opened in our project is Pekařství Kuri Stříbro. In this bakery you’ll find freshly baked bread, delicious coffee, authentic cakes or Stollen, exactly the same as grandma did.

    Newly opened Rosemary Bistro

    Unicity - Newly opened Rosemary Bistro
    February 11, 2020
    Stop by for some crêpes, cake, excellent coffee or maybe a glass of good wine. At the street corner of Technická and Magisterská street you’ll find new Rosemary Bistro.

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