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Wi-Fi internet connection available.


Save time, space and money by using the shared laundry facilities. In this way a washing machine won’t occupy space in your apartment and what’s more the operation and maintenance of the laundry room is the responsibility of the caretakers. While you wash and tumble dry, you can chat to your neighbours.

Coffee room

Shared moments over your favourite beverage with your friends, a place for meetings and get-togethers. Refreshments available every day.

Security system

The building management ensures the safety of tenants via the guard services and cameras installed within the building.

Půjčovna kol
Bike rental

Don’t own a bike? Never mind, you can still set out on a cycle trip through the surrounding landscape and peddle as far as the pond, the shops or school. The whole centre of Plzeň can easily be negotiated on a bike.

Společenská místnost
Common room

The common premises allow you to enjoy shared experiences. They can be used not only for meetings and various activities, but can also be rented for private functions.

Yoga room

A peaceful room for relaxation. Take this opportunity to come to yoga classes or just work out alone in the privacy of this area.


The reception desk is located in Building A2 on the ground floor. This reception is open on weekdays from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. and from it you can get to the laundry room or the yoga room.

Společenská místnost
Inner courtyard

The greenery-filled inner courtyard with a relaxation zone, trees and a shared garden with flower beds. Another opportunity to indulge in joint activities and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


I dwell
I create
I live

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New type of housing

The attraction of the Unicity Living project lays not only in the modern architecture of the brand new residential buildings with rental apartments, but above all in its location in the immediate vicinity of the University of West Bohemia.


UNICITY - Západočeská univerzita

University of west bohemia

The seat of the University of West Bohemia is located in the immediate vicinity of the Unicity Living homes.

UNICITY - Centrum na dosah

City centre in easy reach

The well-accessible Plzeň city centre offers a great selection of cultural and social activities

UNICITY - Zdravé bydlení

Healthy living

Both the location of the site and the available benefits and services enable the Unicity Living homes to provide a wide range of healthy lifestyle options.

UNICITY - Dopravní dostupnost

Transport accessibility

Don’t waste your time commuting, live close-by.

UNICITY - Nadstandardní bydlení v novostavbě

Above-standard homes
in new buildings

The brand new modern buildings with a number of benefits of the "everything within the grounds"

UNICITY - Co-Living


The current trend of modern co-living has recently become very popular.


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Alena Susková

Adresa objektů
Budova A1: Technická 3001/5
Budova A2: Technická 3000/7 a 9
Budova C1: Magisterská 3015/8 a 10
Budova C2: Magisterská 3014/4 a 6
Budova D: Magisterská 3012/2


Buildings A1 and A2
Jan Sedláček
Atkins & Langford Development s.r.o.
Voršilská 10, 110 00 Praha 1

Buildings C1, C2 and D
Times Two s.r.o.
Karlovarská 1698/1, 163 00 Praha 6

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