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    The nearest ATM is located on the territory of the University of West Bohemia, in the building of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

    If you are a student of the University of West Bohemia, you can print in their library. Unfortunately, there is no printer in the Unicity Living.

    Yes, directly near the Unicity Living client centre in Technická street you can find a bakery Kuri Stříbro (https://www.pekarstvistribro.cz/) and a bistro Rosemary (https://www.facebook.com/BistroRosemary)

    Unfortunately, there is no vending machine in the Unicity Living.

    You can easily get to the city centre of Pilsen within 20 minutes using the tram number 4 at Technická stop located right next to the project.

    Area Bory shopping centre (groceries, drugstore, pharmacy, clothes) is located in only 10 minutes walking distance from Unicity Living as well as Borská pole shopping centre (groceries, pharmacy, drugstore, clothes, optician, household items, fast food).

    Client centre: Technická 3000/9, Plzeň 301 00,
    Building A1: Technická 3001/5
    Building A2: Technická 3000/7 a 9
    Building C1: Magisterská 3015/8 a 10
    Building C2: Magisterská 3014/4 a 6
    Building D: Magisterská 3012/2

    We do not offer short-term accommodation, the shortest stay is half-year with a three-month notice.

    Students don’t have to pay extra charges for the Internet. Internet is included in the rent price. Other residents have to pay 280 CZK monthly for the Internet.

    There are couples, students, families with children, employees from local companies and young professors.

    The area of Unicity Living including common spaces in the buildings is monitored with security cameras. We also use a system to keep records of chips used to open entrance doors and common spaces.

    If you want to terminate your lease agreement, there is a three-month notice. It starts the first day of the month following the delivery of the notice.

    Before you move in, you need to pay a two-months deposit and a one-month rent for the upcoming month. There is no real estate commission.

    It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the apartment and in the common spaces, there are smoke detectors. You can smoke outside, where you can find ashtrays installed near every building.

    Unicity Living resident is obliged to inform us by e-mail or phone that he/she is having a visit for longer than 3 months. There is no fee connected with this stay.

    Yes, you can have a pet in the apartment. There is a prior notice needed. Monthly fee for this service is 300 CZK (approx. 12 EUR) per pet without cage/terrarium.

    There are parking places in front of each building, which are publicly available. We offer the parking places in garages or outdoor parking bays which are located between buildings and which aren’t publicly available.

    No, there is a limited number of parking places in the project. There is possibility of free parking or you can rent parking place for an additional fee.

    Only publicly inaccessible parking places are monitored with security cameras.

    Yes, you can rent a storage space with an apartment.


    No, only some apartments have a washing machine for extra charge. Otherwise, you can use a common laundry room, which is available 24/7.

    Laundry room is located in the club room. You should have a chip to enter the club room, which you can obtain in the client centre. The security refundable deposit for chip is 1500 CZK (approx. 60 EUR).

    If you use your own laundry detergent and softener, one laundry cycle costs 80 CZK (approx. 3 EUR). If you do not have laundry detergent and softener, it costs 100 CZK (approx. 4 EUR). Drying time depends on the material of the cloth. Average dryer machine cycle takes 40 minutes and costs 80 CZK (2 cycles, each for 20 CZK).

    Yes, you can do laundry in the night, laundry room is open 24/7. It is though not allowed to stay longer than needed in the club room because this room is subjected to the quiet hours rule.

    Our phone number is +420 270 006 563, e-mail: unicity-living@daramis.com. Client centre is open from Monday till Friday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

    You can find Wi-Fi password in club rooms, or you can ask our staff in the client centre for it. Name and password for the Wi-Fi in the apartment can be found directly on the router or as well in the client centre.

    If you are a student, rent price includes monthly rent, all other fees connected with apartment usage (water, electricity and other services), Internet connection. For other residents fees connected with apartment usage are not included in rent price. The specific conditions are specified in the lease contract. Extra fee is paid if you want to have a pet in the apartment. Radio and TV broadcasting is charged extra when you install your own radio or TV.

    Monthly rent is due before 5. day of each month, for which it is being paid, by a transfer to the bank account. Specific conditions are stated in the lease agreement.

    In Unicity Living you can rent only the whole apartment. If you do not want to rent the whole apartment on your own, you can find a roommate here on our Facebook group Unicity Co-Living.

    Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. till 6 a.m. When someone violates the quiet hours rule in a severe way, please call Police via number 158 during the night and inform us the next day by e-mail on unicity-living@daramis.com or by phone +420 270 006 563.

    All the measurements against COVID-19 spread are in line with governmental restrictions. We regularly disinfect door handles, handgrips, handrails, buttons in the elevator. There is a disinfection dispenser installed in the entrance hall of all buildings near the post boxes.

    Alcohol consumption in the common areas is strictly prohibited.

    If you lock yourself out (keys are not in the lock), we can open the door for you with our additional key after checking your ID. If you leave keys in the lock, it is required that you call a locksmith. Phone number is +420 774 684, Petr Rapčan, for more information https://zamecnikbolevec.cz/ . In the client centre you can ask for a chip to enter laundry room and club room.

    Yes, there is a TV plug in every apartment. TV broadcast is subjected to additional charge.

    Cleaning of common spaces is carried out by the cleaning firm few times a week. It is though required that every tenant keeps the club tidy and clean after leaving and does not leave garbage bags near the garbage beans and in front of entrance door to the apartment. Apartment cleaning is a responsibility of every tenant himself.

    Club room can be used from 6 a.m. till 10 p.m., all the time beside quiet hours.

    Yes, you can book the club room in the client centre.

    Keys to the sportsground can be obtained in the client centre.

    Sports equipment can be found in the client centre.

    Reservation is possible, but the sportsground is common for everyone, so it depends on the agreement with others, who use the sportsground.

    If you want to use the grill, you should have your own equipment.

    Grills are freely accessible for Unicity residents. It is preferable you to inform us about your purpose to use the grill by e-mail or personally in the client centre.

    Please come personally to our client centre and tell us about the breakdown. You can also inform us by e-mail or by phone.

    Every apartment has a standard equipment – beds, kitchen unit, fridge, equipped bathroom, tables, chairs. For extra charge you can rent an apartment with a washing machine, dishwasher, terrace or balcony.

    Club rooms are located on the ground floor of every building, you can enter inside with a chip that can be obtained in the client centre with a security refundable deposit in amount of 1500 CZK (approx. 60 EUR). We will return you the deposit if there are no damages in the club room.

    Yes, there are containers for sorted wastes (glass, plastic, paper) in the area of Unicity Living. They are located outside between the building C1 and C2 and also near the building D.

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